Most of us feel like we are burned out almost every day. It’s a debilitating feeling: having burn out set in, but having so much on your plate that you don’t have enough time to recover your energy.  Burn out can make you feel “empty”.  

So how do you know you are burnt out?  You’ll be feeling stressed out, agitated, and restless, to mention just a few symptoms.

Sometimes,  burnout is physically manifested by our bodies through symptoms like: 

  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Hives and rashes
  • Aches and pains
  • Insomnia
  • Low libido

1. All you need to know about Burnout; here’s what happens

Burnout occurs each time you’ve pushed your stress response system beyond its limit of resilience. Practically, there’s a strain on your body’s stress system –  the circuit between your brain and the adrenal system.


At this point, your brain sends you into exhaustion and breakdown, so you have no choice but to hit the brakes.

2. Here is the Right Adaptogen(s) for You

As much as adaptogens may give you that extra support during burnout, you need to know when to use them.

Here are some of the best quick fixes for different situations:


  • Reishi mushroom:

It is the immune nourisher; this is best whenever you are easily catching colds and infections more often than usual.

Reishi mushroom is thought of highly by the Chinese because of its ability to nourish and enhance adrenal functions. It also has calming effects on the nervous system.  It’s suitable before bed for a more profound and relaxing sleep. 

A dosage of 3 to 9 g dried mushroom in capsules or tablets daily.

It soothes the mind, mood, and muscles. Especially during the “I’m tired and wired.” and “I’m nervous or anxious” feelings.

This adaptogen heals profound exhaustion, reduces anxiety, improve sleep, and boosts memory. Furthermore, it is essential musculoskeletal aches and pains which result from fatigue.

A dosage of 1 to 4 mL of tincture in water 3x/day


  • Schizandra

Schizandra detoxifies the body and the brain. When you have the feeling of lack of focus or experiencing brain fog, this can be the solution. It is best during low energy levels.

The traditional Chinese herbalists’ regard Schizandra as an elite tonic herb that improves mental focus, enhances calming and possesses anti-anxiety effects.t’s been widely used in improving energy and stability

A dosage of 2 to 4 capsules a day is okay.

NOTE: “NOT safe for use during pregnancy.”

  • Shatavari

It plays the role of harmonizing hormones; it’s also known as the “queen of women’s adaptogens”. It curbs hormonal imbalances including fertility and menopausal issues.

Shatavari is considered one of the strong rejuvenating tonics for women. It is suitable for irritability and various hormonal imbalances that affect the mood, for instance, emotional symptoms of PMS and menopause. 

“ Individuals with a history of estrogen-receptor-positive cancer must avoid Shatavari at all cost.”



A standard dose of 2 to 4 mL of tincture in water 2 to 3x/day is okay.


Whenever we’re tired, there’s the need to give ourselves what might seem impossible – time for recovery and replenishing. If you can learn to hit the brakes at the appropriate time, you will benefit.  It can lead to inner peace, better relations with people around you, and a healthier body and mind. And in the end, you’ll be more productive than you ever were before.