Alpha GPC is involved in so much more than a memory; it acts on internal pathways as well. It’s the ultimate and preferred source of choline, a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine whose reliability is one of its beneficial effects.

In addition to its memory enhancement, alpha GPC protects neurons and fights anything that may weaken our brain. It further increases energy generation during physical activities.

It is bioavailable hence preferred choline; it crosses the blood-brain barrier making neural uptake fast and easy. 

Below is a detailed explanation of why Alpha GPC has so much to offer:

1. Alpha GPC Enhances Your Memory

Initially, we discussed acetylcholine and its importance for brain and body function.

Alpha GPC is a cholinergic agonist of acetylcholine, in other words, it supports ACh homeostasis. It’s a neurotransmitter that relays chemical messages at the neuromuscular junction to provoke movement in the body; besides, it’s responsible for the primary neuron to neuron communication in the brain. 

When there is a disruption to the biosynthesis of acetylcholine, the deficiency result in memory loss. Here’s where Alpha GPC comes back into the picture,  it’s oral dosage help brain and blood choline levels within 2 hours, by assisting in the formation of ACh. 


Elevated levels of Acetylcholine enhances memory and general cognitive function, and alpha GPC is the best choline source to promote these high levels of ACh throughout our brain and body.

2. Brain Protection Benefits Of Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a neuroprotector, specifically the nucleus basalis of Meynert (NBM); furthermore, it helps to protect the cholinergic ridges in the forebrain cortex and hippocampus.

A lot of people are aware that hippocampus is responsible for long term memory; however, it’s not part of our more primitive brain.

Choline helps to conserve nerve growth factor (NGF) receptors in animal testing.


“hippocampus is responsible for memory, spatial awareness and regulating emotion.”


The conclusion here is that by protecting NGF through more choline, neurogenesis occurs in the hippocampus.

3. Improve Stamina using Alpha GPC Supplementation.

Increase in natural human growth hormone (HGH) stimulated by the alpha explains the improvement in stamina. These high standards of HGH produce higher levels of energy and give anti-aging effects.

Every now and then, you only hear about HGH when it comes to Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports scandals; however, it is a natural compound produced in your body. 


People with higher(natural) levels of Human Growth Hormones tend to have faster recovery, look full of energy and feel that “good” feeling. 

4. Increase Real Energy With Alpha GPC Supplements

Let’s look at the specific energy and performance abilities of alpha GPC.

As discussed above increased choline stimulates HGH receptors leading to more production of HGH, and increases the amount of ACh. ACh, serving at the neuromuscular junction command muscles and the brain to fire by helping to transmit chemical signals that facilitate neuronal communication. It assists your mental clarity and power output Performance in the form of real energy, physicality, and mental processing.


 It should be easy to know why many choose to supplement with alpha GPC.

5. Sum Up of Alpha GPC

It’s easy to conclude that Alpha GPC enhances overall cognitive function by increasing the speed of processing information, receptivity, and memory by improving the existence of acetylcholine which is prevalent in our brain and body.

Choline levels improve the mental stamina and moods in our blood. They are readily usable as they can cross the blood-brain barrier. Afterward,  a slow release system stores some. Typically, it’s like having additional acetylcholine, ready for use.


The slow release mechanism allows you to increase alpha GPC and subsequently ACh for consistent usage over time.  

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