This distinctive class of herbs has been renowned by scientists for their therapeutic effects. Ancient cultures used these herbs for longevity, healing, greater wellness, and happiness.

Astragalus is a highly valued herbal medicine in most cultures, and its growing popularity has led to studies on the plant’s efficacy.

Benefits of Astragalus

1. Reverses Aging, Facilitates DNA Repair and Improves Longevity

Pharmacology indicates the presence of compounds in Astragalus’ roots increase telomerase in the body. The telomerase protein repairs damaged DNA sequences in our cells. Its stimulation increase longevity and slows the aging process.

Telomerase Activator

The animal cell nucleus contains genes laterally arranged on DNA molecules. Chromosomes bear stretches of DNA with telomerase at the ends. Telomerase protects our genetic records, preventing issues with our genetic data.

Naturally occurring transcription errors are usually minimal but build to alter cellular DNA. Newly formed cells copy the genetic mistakes, causing the rapid advancement of aging, or cancer if severe. Telomerase restores genetic health by repairing genetic errors in DNA makeup.

Astragalus root contains Astragaloside IV and cycloastragenol compounds that stimulate telomerase activity.

2. Re-enforces Immunity and Fights Bacteria and Viruses

Astragalus is popular with its immune boosting attributes. It is the best remedy for debilitating immune system disorders such as AIDS, cold and flu and chronic fatigue.

Natural treatment proponents fortify their immune system regularly using Astragalus to raise levels of the anti-viral molecule interferon, increasing their immune antibodies, and stimulation of T-cells.

3. Minimizes Stress and Enhances Natural Energy and Vitality

Astragalus is an adaptogen with unique effects on the mind-body equilibrium. It calms users who suffer stress and anxiety and re-energizes from fatigue and exhaustion. It’s best for physically active persons who require abundant physical energy.


4. Good for Heart Health, Lungs and Blood 

Astragalus has a safeguarding and healing effect on the lungs. It clears respiratory congestions and protect lungs from respiratory disorders like asthma, shallow breathing and reduces inflammatory effects produced by histamines.

Astragalus root helps hematological systems by improving blood circulation, and healing of wounds.

5. Improves skin health, reduces inflammation and elasticity

Astragalus root is used to tonify the ‘protective Qi,’ a distinctive kind of energy that flows right beneath the skin and in the muscle.

It provides flesh suppleness and adaptive energy to the skin. Raw Astragalus herb used to make masks and lotions reduce skin wrinkles and restore a youthful glow.

6. Psychospiritual Effects: Deeply rejuvenating Qi and life force tonic

Astragalus root nurtures and supplies the body-mind, and spirit with Qi energy.

Qi, a form of subtle body energy is drainable through chronic stress, lack of proper sleep, poor diet, overexertion, sexual overindulgence and exposure to harmful chemicals. Astragalus supplies of Qi causes longevity, healthiness, and even superhuman capacities according to Eastern cultures.

The combination of these benefits makes Astragalus root a leading rejuvenation herb. Its benefits strengthen and support almost every organ system in the body.