Phosphatidylserine,  also known as “PtdSer”, is a healthy fat that protects the cells in our brain. It’s useful in fighting Alzheimer’s and ADHD since it improves cognitive functions for any age group. It alters stressors that result from exercise and enhances athletic performance. reduced the cortisol response to overtraining during weight training while improving feeling of well-being and decreasing perceived muscle soreness. improved exercise capacity during high-intensity cycling and tended to increase performance during intermittent running might suggest an innovative application for this supplement.

As a critical component for brain health, Phosphatidylserine maintains a complete cellular function as a crucial part of cell membranes. The cell membrane moves nutrients into the cell and gets rid of waste products out.

PtdSer is concentrated in human brain tissue and is also available in every cell of the body. It’s important because it allows for rapid uptake of glucose by the brain. With such an effect on absorption, the brain is replenished with electric energy that enhances clear thinking and faster processing.

Benefits of Phosphatidylserine

1. Enhances Critical Thinking with Extra Phosphatidylserine

PtdSer makes those “creative juices” flow in the brain. As soon as you develop the right mindset, you can focus.

When you talk about creativity, coming up with new ideas and executing the same plans, supplementing with PtdSer gives impressive results. You can triple your focus hours or even last a whole day.

Users have reported clear thinking when working long into the night. This nootropic provides excellent work flexibility and enhances motivation.

2. Phosphatidylserine Improves Memory

Extensive studies on PtdSer have indicated it has a substantial effect on memory, especially in people who suffer from the most incapacitating types of cognitive issues like dementia.

It is hard to determine how much is sufficient to enhance memory improvement. The determining criteria which are testable add some complexity altogether.

Memory loss due to Alzheimer’s, is due to buildup of beta-amyloid that is cleaned up regularly by protein compounds available in younger, healthy adults. The plaque “beta-amyloid” affects the brain’s ability to communicate comfortably and efficiently in areas where memory and learning are essential.

With age, the effectiveness of these proteins decrease in all age groups. It is, however, far more pronounced in people who have Alzheimer’s.

PtdSer users have reported its ability to boost memory and mental clarity.  A large group think that PtdSer is efficient in improving memory via the activation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Alzheimer’s results from lack of acetylcholine.

The Bottom Line

Phosphatidylserine (PtdSer) is a phospholipid (fat) nootropic which supports the health of the brain as a critical component to cell membrane function. Research shows PtdSer is effective in improving memory, enhancing critical thinking, and boosting focus. It directly supplies the much-needed food to the brain for quick utilization. It is mainly involved in ferrying nutrients into cells and removing cell waste.