Advancements in technology and the medical industry have created a world where one can come close to acquiring “superpower” traits through brain enhancement prescriptions and supplements.  Memory enhancement is chief amongst the powerful effects their supplements can provide.

Let’s have a discussion about two nootropics that can improve our long-term memory.

Noopept for Long-term Memory Improvement

A large number of people think of Noopept as the best nootropic for the improvement of long-term memory. It’s a peptide-type nootropic created as an advanced version of racetams.

Neuroscience experts have rated Noopept 1000 times more powerful than the racetam Piracetam. This means that even a small dosage of Noopept provides you with a much stronger impact than any other racetam.

The primary effects of Noopept include increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, boosting the brain’s metabolism, and improving the uptake of glucose – all these actions result in the improvement of short-term and long-term memory.

When used independently, Noopept aids in the improvement of concentration, neuroplasticity, focus, long-term cognitive functions, mood, and overall efficacy of the brain.

Here’s a brief insight from seasoned users;: after using Noopept regularly, say at least for one month, try stacking it with Choline, a powerful nutrient on its own. In simple terms, choose a nootropic stack to leverage the supplements. The whole idea behind combining these two is to maximize the overall effectiveness of the drug and to subdue any Choline inadequacy in the body.

Oxiracetam for Long-term Memory Improvement

If you are just starting out in the nootropic world and you want to maximize your results, the best way to go is by starting with a lighter supplement and using it persistently for 3-4 months before starting to use a stronger alternative drug such as Noopept. Racetams are a big hit in the brain supplement industry, and when talking about long term memory improvement, a lot of users rave about Oxiracetam.    

One great thing regarding this nootropic is that it aids in fighting the cognitive decline and loss of memory that comes with aging. Users even call it a “logic booster” because of its ability to enhance motor skills in the hippocampus section of the brain.

The components of Oxiracetam are created to enhance the production of glutamate and Acetylcholine and Glutamate to improve memory, ability to recall, and facilitate the logical thinking capacity of the user.

Additionally, this supplement further protects aging neurons from disintegrating early and stimulates the generation of new brain cells as a whole. In so doing, it aids in the fighting of many issues around memory loss.

Those who use Oxiracetam regularly include medical students, teachers, artists, and older people.

The Bottom Line

Are you among those who practice natural memory improvement skills like meditation, brain games, and exercises for brain power? Use any of the Nootropics mentioned above to achieve better results.